Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dark Slayer v1.7 Apk+Data Offline

Sword and magic, good and evil, the balance is broken the world of chaos 
is closed and the dark sky buildup begins the legend of heroes.
Sealed by the gods of the heathen king jebeul on!
helping his resurrection powers of darkness and
chaos accidentally blonde hair mercenary In the center of the yarn
Breathtaking view of the world on the basis of extensive ongoing story
of adventure and romance, love and friendship in a living, breathing fantasy world,
inspiring and fun please feel fully.
★ ★ Game Features ★ ★
☆ Action RPG nature, high-impact feel ☆
form of action to combat the way the operation is in progress,
brings a sense of dynamic and exhilarating blow.
☆ users War battle between the forces competing network card ☆
Battle Card Game collected through various quests and
the union, by enhancing the user will be spread out between the wars.
☆ ☆ vast and breathtaking stories and delicate rendering
texture of the story and the witty lines
delicate and colorful rendering of the game will increase engagement.
☆ ☆ Go tedious and repetitive quests nogada
no means boring and repetitive quests, then step forward and delete the
quest progress along the story provides only the
immersion of the game is very addictive and has high resistance.
☆ freakishly cute and beautiful, fantastic high quality graphics ☆
so cute pert donghwapung concept of the image based on the
diverse backgrounds, skills, monsters, characters, and expressed as FULL HD
beautiful and can feel the atmosphere of a fantastic fantasy world.
S easy to become a sticking ☆ yen to start a rather long journey ☆
fantastic difficulty, casual audiences easily access and
enjoy the increased accessibility that was
essentially a sequential balance the fun and the RPG
elements of the game through the network has more depth .
☆ interface optimized for smartphones and tutorials ☆
V-PAD method with the basic operation of the sensor TILT manning
available as an option maximizes the feeling of operation.
optimization of screen configuration also provides a simple interface and
detailed description of the tutorial Instruction for beginners through the game
easy to learn that the number has increased accessibility.
Place Data In Android/obb

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  1. Sorry but the game still ask for data

    Am i should put the data in a folder on obb?