Friday, 19 July 2013

How To Solve Battery Problem In Micromax Funbook (Easy Steps)

The Android constantly monitors battery usage, saving the information in the  file "/ data / system / batterystats.bin". The big problem is that over time, after many partial charges and discharges, it is common that the system passes to blur, stopping the charge before the battery is fully charged.

With this, the system may consider a load equivalent to only  60  or  70% is equivalent to a full charge.
Check out the solution:

1 Have root access.

2 Download the root explorer here .

3rd Open root explorer and go to the directory  "/ data / system / batterystats.bin"

4 Delete the file  '''' batterystats.bin

5 Restart your device 

ps: the file to the directory returned with more new settings.

Test and comment.  

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