Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blur Overdrive Tested v1.0.6 Apk + Data [Mod Money] - New version

Immerse yourself in the intense racing experience Overdrive Blur. With eight crazy power-ups not just racing, this race is on! The race track is your battlefield and you should shunt the other riders to snatch the checkered flag and progress through the game. Buckle up and ride the beautiful chaos that is Overdrive Blur.
Collect and distribute eight pyrotechnic power-ups to help your vehicles performance and damage rivals. Barge, shock and protect your way to the finish line or use nitro power-up to let their opponents back.

RACE as you want, wherever you want
Blur has 9 different races to be won from a battle Showcase for Eliminator. Battle through multiple races to achieve new levels of competition and free your torque.

With your earnings race, look for Showroom to buy the car to win the next clue

• 4 Racing classes and 10 + SPECIAL EVENTS
• 8 UPS incredible power - MINES Shield shunt, nitro, SHOCK, Barge, Repair and screws.
• WAY OF HANDLING realistic and rewarding in 4 CLASSES
• 25 cars to own, drive and race
• 250 CUSTOMISAT ions strengthen its CAR
APK's : Zippyshare

1 - Extract and copy the APK file to your device.
2 - Install APK named "DATA", open the gamewait a few seconds and quit.
3 - Mod Install APK with "UNLIMITEDand good fun.

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