Thursday, 7 November 2013

CHARIOT WARS v3.4.0 Apk + Data Tested

CHARIOT WARS, a racing game in history-driven quality AAA set in Ancient Rome.

Chariot Wars is a racing game in story-driven quality AAA set in Ancient Rome. 
With stunning visuals, the game features two modes singleplayer and multiplayer. 
Game Features 
• arcade racing Singleplayer modes including Time Trial and Championship 
• 4-player multiplayer (coming soon) 
• levels of game set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Gaul and Helvetia 
• levels of night and day 
• Pushing the limits of the current mobile 3D graphics hardware, 
• exciting singleplayer story told through a graphic novel digital 
• Achievements and global leaderboard 
• Challenge your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, circle of friends to play multiplayer racing games 
• Record your gameplay videos and upload to YouTube, Facebook 
• Eight different models of cars 
• coachman male and female avatars 
• Various types of horses 
It is 128AD. Emperor Hadrian announces a big party to celebrate its first 10 years as Roman emperor. The main attraction is the chariot race, which covers the entire empire from Rome to Helvetia. 
Charioteers famous throughout the vast Roman Empire, including Greece, Egypt, Judea, Carthage, Hispania, Gaul, Britannia and Macedonia met in the Eternal City. Spectators in their thousands are streaming to the Eternal City for the inaugural race in Circus Maximus. 
The air is tense with excitement and anticipation. 
The night before the first race, one of the knights of Judea is found dead in his quarters. The driver had been tortured and crucified to the bedroom window. The body of an unknown woman is found also on the ground. 
The head of the praetorian guard of the emperor, Quintus Octavian, suspicion constantly bickering noble families of Rome to plan the murders. Emperor Hadrian is deeply concerned about the murders. He fears a bloodbath in Rome and Judea restive. It had only been a few decades since the Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem, the capital of Judea and crushed the rebellion Hebrew. The emperor fears another uprising in Judea, which can spread to other colonies like Carthage and conquered Roman Gaul. 
Emperor Hadrian asks Quintus Octavian to take the position of Judea murdered charioteer and represent Judea next chariot race. 
As Quintus continues his investigation, he is drawn inexorably into the dark world of Roman politics. Quintus must solve two problems at the same time. He has to keep winning every race to stay in the league. He also has to solve the murders individual without becoming the next victim ...........

CHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshotCHARIOT WARS - screenshot

2.2 or higher

How to install:
1. Download the game and c opie to your handset.

2. Install and complete.
3. Download the game date and extract with winrar. 

4. Copy the folder'' 
com.Candella.ChariotWars '' for sd / android / obb / paste here.
5. Start the game and have fun.
Link  Google Play
Download the game:
Server  ZippyShare
Download date: 
Server  MEGA
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